About Me (Ash)

About ten years ago, I was suffering from Celiac disease, and I was unaware of it. Diarrhea, hemorrhoids, and never being able to feel full of energy that was usual for me. Keeping my weight at a steady pace had become an impossible task. My joint pain was excruciating, and there was nothing to feel motivated about. One day at school, my doctor checked me and asked me to go through a series of tests and the results showed that I had celiac disease and that I have to avoid gluten-based diet at all costs.

It moved me, and it was very depressing. There is no doubt that it was difficult and tough to cope and maintain a strict routine but as time went by, I realized that if I have to get better, I need not just the medication but courage, motivation and a positive attitude to deal with all the things.

My sole purpose is to provide a verified and motivating resource that enables people to connect by promoting awareness about products, guidance, information, community, and all the requirements to live bravely without gluten.

The GlutenDex.com is a connection, a friend, a helper, but importantly, a lifesaver. I built it so that you find yourself a home without anything to worry about so you could enjoy.

This is your path.

My story must have been relatable to yours, one way or another. If you wish to tell me about it, do tell.

When I got the diagnosis, my sister said that this is my path and that I can do great things. I was too tired and uncomfortable to even think about it or consider it. All that makes sense now. I can’t get out of this chaos, but I can control it or else, it will control me forever.

This blog is a small idea that I will unfold as I walk it. My vision is to hold out a hand for you to hold and take steps with me so that you are better equipped than I was. I also want to ensure that those with gluten-free diet lifestyle can easily roam and not be worried by any ambiguities or unknown concerns about gluten-based diet by providing them the necessary information and guidance. Yes, it may seem like a big claim, but I believe a lot can be made from a little with continuous dedication and efforts.