Banana Honey Crunch Ice-Cream


I know that some of you don’t like to use bee vomit aka honey, however, I do, on occasion. Don’t judge me, simply substitute with maple syrup, dates or whatever you like.

This ice-cream is not your ordinary bland banana ice-cream. It has layers of flavor and is salted to perfection to bring those flavors out. Soft bits of banana really takes this ice cream over the top. Try it and let me know.

Today’s comment discussion is, what is your favorite thing to do with bananas? Also how would you modify this recipe?


1 cup cashews

3 frozen bananas

generous pinch of salt

2 tablespoons honey

2 tablespoons water

3 tablespoons chopped raisins

1/2 banana chopped

Place the cashews in the food processor, process until flour like.

Add in the bananas, salt, honey and water, process until smooth.

Stir in the raisins and chopped banana and serve.



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