Lemon Grilled Chicken


After a workout or other days, we choose chicken for protein option in our diet. Grilled chicken and boiled chicken have more benefits than fried. Eating chicken has many health benefits including; Building muscles, Heart healthy, Keeps your bone stronger, reduce risks of arthritis and spikes testosterone levels in men.


4 Tsp Lemon juice
2 Tsp of Lemon Zest
1/2 cup of Olive oil
1 Tsp of cilantro
2 Tsp of Garlic Chopped
2 Tsp of oregano
1 Tsp of Rosemary
1 Tsp of Parsley
1/2 Tsp of salt as you needed
1 Tsp of chopped peppers or alternative
1 lb of skinless chicken breast


Take a Separate Bowl and Mix all the ingredients and add the chicken breast and marinate it for 2 hours.

Preheat the grill and use a light oil over grates carefully and place chicken pieces on it and grill each side for 5 minutes. Serve with salad.

Enjoy delicious, gluten-free healthy protein-packed meal.





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